Bond Street escort on stripping off

Lots of men think that it is sexy to trip off and walk around with out a shirt. I am probably one of the few girls here at Bond Street escorts who do not think it is sexy at all, and I wish that they would put their shirts back on. It is offensive and surely it is not really what you should be doing. I know that it might be warm day, but I find it much sexier when a man roles up his shirt sleeves instead. Seeing guys walking down the high street shirtless does not turn me on at all.

having some bonding moments with london girls


What do I find sexy? I must be a little bit weird, but I do like the look of men’s biceps. It is a complete turn on for me, and I can go nuts. Most of the girls here at Bond Street escorts have a favorite body part and for me it is biceps. One of the girls here are mad about ankles and I must admit that is the first time I have come across that one. Most guys have pretty good ankles, but I cannot say that I get turned on by ankles.


Another thing that turns me on is a nice flat stomach. A couple of my colleagues here at Bond Street escorts go bad about six packs, but I cannot sat that it does it for me at all. I think that too many men are obsessed with getting six packs but I am not sure women are that turned on by them at the end of the day. Some guys on the beach really pose when they have got six packs but I think that they look funny and that is it. It is the way they stand up and stretch to show it off.


I also like men who do not have very close hair cuts. There is nothing sexier than when a little bit of hair hangs down over the forehead and they smile at you. I think that looks amazing and I cannot resist that at all. Dark hair is another thing that urns me on. I suppose men are the same with hair. After all, some guys like to date brunette Bond Street escorts, and other guys go for blonde escorts. It is funny how things turn out. I have blonde hair and maybe this is why I am so attracted to men with dark hair. I have noticed that a lot of men with dark hair seem to like blondes.


Above all, what really turns me on is a persona’s personality. As I am bisexual, it is the first thing that I look to, and I must admit that I like to chat to people. If you can have a really good chat to a person, you will often find that you get on with each other. Most of my dates at Bond Street escorts like to chat and that helps me a lot. I am just one of those chatty and giggly girls who love to be your best friend. All of the girls at the agency are friendly, and if you like to meet some friendly girls, why don’t you give us a call and we will look after you. I am sure that you will appreciate they way we look after you.


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